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I'm a journalism graduate with over seven years of writing for online and in print. Since going freelance in April 2016, my words have appeared in Psychologies, Red, Buzzfeed, Refinery29, Stylist and Women's Running (amongst others) covering everything from my experience of breast cancer to the nostalgia of Facebook, the science behind getting a crush on the most unlikely candidate and the psychological impact of being a highly sensitive person.

As a writer, I'm overflowing with ideas of things to write about - whether that's lifestyle, literature, feminism or any of my other (wide ranging) interests and I'm passionate about turning research and information into content which will be engaging and interesting for readers - whatever their age.

In 2019, I published my first book, Life, Lemons and Melons, part memoir, part self-help guide exploring the relationship between breast cancer and mental health.

Alice has a unique gift in that she can sweep from breaking your heart one second to making you snort through your snot and tears the next.
— B - Amazon